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Vinaka Fiji aims to improve the provision of basic needs and facilities within the various Yasawa Island villages. It does this by direct aid and also acting as a facilitator to bring together those who can help with the landowners and residents of the Yasawa Islands. The voluntourism programs enhance and protect the natural environment by introducing and promoting both sustainable initiatives and practices.  Vinaka Fiji, operated by the Yasawa Trust Foundation, uses voluntourism packages that combine a holiday in a truly special part of the world while also providing a helping hand by participating in a Vinaka Fiji program.

Having worked closely with the villagers of the Yasawa Islands for more than ten years, we believe in creating a sustainable future for their people whilst still maintaining their culture and relaxed way of life. Vinaka Fiji works in conjunction with the people of the Yasawas, alongside the Fijian government, to help in the planning and implementation of various projects.

Donate to villagers in the Yasawa Islands
Work with villagers in the Yasawa Islands


Find out more about what your donations are used for and where the money goes.


Find out more about spending time in this truly special part of the world whilst giving back to the villagers and communities who call it home.


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The schools in the remote Yasawa Islands are under-resourced. Vinaka Fiji supports the local schools and teachers by assisting with classroom teaching (in English based on the Fijian National curriculum), through basic classwork, literacy, and educational activities such as the One on One Reading Recovery Program making a huge difference in young readers lives.

Children of the Yasawa Islands


To see an overview of what we have achieved in the past year, click below.

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