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Children of the Yasawa Islands


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Make a long-lasting difference to the lives of the people of the Yasawas with the help of voluntourism and donations.

Become part of a village community and work alongside local people on a range of community projects. The projects are focused on improving basic living conditions and aimed at achieving sustainability. This program assists in several critical initiatives including developments to improve access to sufficient fresh water through rainwater harvesting solutions, education of communities in resource management, environmental initiatives, sustainable agriculture practices, and assisting in the set-up of “micro-enterprises”. 

The goals and priorities of this program are assessed regularly and set in conjunction with village community consultation and the resources available. In addition, we establish water management committees in each village so after a project is completed, they are left with the responsibility for ongoing management of the new infrastructure and water supply.

Yasawa Island village community work
Communities in the Yasawa Islands



Become part of a village community and work alongside local villagers.


Assist villages with the means to live sustainably.


Implement projects to provide villages with fresh drinking water.

Installing water tanks - Vinaka Fiji


One of our primary goals is to secure a freshwater supply for all 27 villages in this region. This is being accomplished through construction projects and local education. Seasonal rainfall and a lack of natural reservoirs are responsible for drinking water shortages and we aim to implement and promote alternative water sources and income generation initiatives. Our goal is aligned to the World Health Organisation’s Millennium Development Goal of “all people having access to 5 litres of drinking water per person per day”.

As a participant, you’ll also be helping to construct vegetable gardens, assisting in introducing diversity in crop planting, and building an awareness of the need for crop rotation. You’ll also be assisting in establishing chicken coops in the villages with a view to egg production supplementing the diets of the villagers, and perhaps increasing production with a view to selling eggs to the local resorts. It’s about working towards sustainability.


Installing water tanks with Vinaka Fiji


Most villages do not have access to fresh water all year round. We help to build and implement rain harvesting solutions, water storage tanks and resource management

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